Allison+Partners Influence Impact Report
Activating Influence in a Complex Ecosystem.

Allison+Partners is a mid-size globally-recognized public relations firm with a tagline of "We See Things Differently". They utilize and market perspective in every program initiative, campaign, and launch they produce. In 2016, influence became the center of their approach and thus developed an ongoing series of reports based on proprietary research that explores the impact influence has within the consumer world.

Building off the master Allison+Partners brand, I helped develop the branding and design system for this project including a flexible logo, persona icons, white paper, and social graphics.

What I Did
Art Direction
Whitepaper Design
Iconography + Illustration
Digital Collateral

Role — Art Director & Designer
Illustration Support — Maggie Nagle
Creative Director —
Agency —

Iconography + Illustration

Allison+Partners' Influence Impact Report research revealed that the constantly evolving "ecosystem of influence" is difficult for brands to grasp and therefore understanding influence is crucial to success. Three "personas of influence" were developed to illustrate the greatest opportunities for brands to make an impact in the ecosystem.

I developed iconography and illustration to support the concepts of the ecosystem, the three personas, and the industry verticals.

Influence Ecosystem
Influence Impact Personas
Influence Impact Report
Social Media
Social Media Artwork