NJAPA Campaign
Campaigning for Better Asphalt Roads and Bridges in NJ.

The New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association (NJAPA) is a professional association dedicated to promoting the application of asphalt throughout New Jersey. With only a few weeks to the election in 2016, NJAPA was looking for help on a campaign to encourage voters to “Vote Yes” on Public Question 2 (PQ2), a gas tax amendment that would dedicate funds solely to infrastructure projects.

Education was a key strategy for the campaign. Through social media outreach and Google display and remarketing ads, users were driven to a brand new website chock full of information about asphalt and why voters should “Vote Yes” on PQ2. In a few quick weeks, I led the website redesign and buildout, designed social media graphics, produced a video, and created all the display ads.

The campaign yielded a successful “Yes” vote, a significant amount of awareness for the organization, and provided NJAPA with a new, more powerful website.

What I Did
Art Direction
UX + Visual Design
Wordpress Customization
Video Storyboarding + Production
Social Media + Display Ad Artwork

Role — Art Director, Designer
Agency —



NJAPA Campaign Social Media Post
Social Media Outreach

Being an education campaign, social media was used to communicate directly to NJ-voters. Artwork and video content was created to be shared on specific platforms where conversation surrounding Public Question 2 was most common.

NJAPA Social Media Posts
NJAPA Display Ads

Between October 11 – November 8, 2016

  • Public Question 2 passed with 54% approval rating
  • 10.2MM Total Impressions Between Facebook Ads + Content and Google Display + Remarketing Ads
  • 19,839 Sessions, 17,241 Users, and 27,033 Pageviews on NJAPA.com