Drew Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Hero
The forest is still growing after 150 years.

Coined "The University in the Woods", Drew University celebrated their sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. With 150 years of colorful history and a good reason to commemorate, the creative team at Drew came with a request for help in developing a visual timeline that would be featured in the Fall/Winter issue of their alumni magazine. I was assigned lead creative for this project and tasked to come up with art direction and design for the cover and large feature article of this issue.

For the cover, the client asked for "out-of-the-box" ideas and I ultimately developed a budget-friendly concept that played into the nature theme of both the anniversary and the University which showcased a wood-grain pattern with textured coating printed front and back and a blind-embossed oak leaf, a University symbol, on the front.

The main feature article explored the University's history through 26-pages of notable dates, mini-timelines featuring campus culture, mentor call-outs, and fun facts about campus speakers, their presidents, athletics, honors, and naturally, their academics. An additional image-based recognition quiz was also designed for the back of the issue.

What I Did
Art Direction

Role — Art Director
Creative Director —
Agency —


NJ Ad Club — Gold Award in Collateral/All Printed Material: Magazine Design

Drew University Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Inside Front Cover
Drew Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Spreads
Drew Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Hall of Presidents
Drew Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Cover
Drew Magazine - 150th Anniversary - Big Names on Campus