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Showcasing exceptional residential landscaping.

The LaurelRock Company has been providing Connecticut residents with high-end landscaping and design/build services for over 40 years. Over the past few years, they developed newer sales methods, expanded their services, and had strong marketing plans in place, but their web presence did not inform or excite users due to a limited custom CMS and a non-responsive website. It was clear that the client was in great need of a modernized website experience that showcased their beautiful work and better-aligned with their business goals.

I was brought on to lead the dramatic website overhaul where I helped select a flexible CMS (Wordpress), guide content formatting, made recommendations on site map/navigation and overall user experience, and developed and populated page templates that entice users with beautiful photography, dynamic interactive features, and express on-brand messaging. Additionally, I helped ensure proper SEO techniques were executed and set up URL rewrites to ensure minimized loss in search engine rankings with the relaunch.

At the end of the 4-month process, a beautiful new website was debuted to the public that focuses on their award-winning portfolio and helps drive user engagement. Within the first 6 months after launch, the LaurelRock Company saw a 21% increase in new user acquisition compared to the 6 months before launch and experienced increased contact from prospective clients.

What I Did
Art Direction
UX + Visual Design
Content Strategy
Wordpress Customization

Role — Art Director, Designer
Creative Director —
Agency —


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